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Message from the Director

It gives me immense pleasure to address you through “Udaan” our first school magazine.

Founded in 2012, our school is committed to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere where citizen of tomorrow study under the care of trained and devoted teachers, as a result of this they become worthy citizens of the world. The present age in undergoing a metamorphosis in values and in mindsets. Gone are the days of stereotyped motions and values. The child of today is busy in exploring and would rather experience than follow blindly. We are proud of providing education to the Rural & deprived section of the society and educate men and women by giving them courage to live up to the ideas being tought to them.

In the past 06 years, The progress that we have made as a school, inspite of obvious hurdles and challenges, amazes every one. Thanks to our hard working students, supportive parents, dedicated teachers and devoted management. Lets continue to work together and support each other as we continue to be sincere and regular in our efforts to impart quality and holistic education to the policy makers of our country. With good wishes…

We try to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and healthy enrironment where academics, sports and co-curricular facilities mould our students and motivate them brightest and the best. In order to do this, the school works towards inculcationg certain values in the students in order to enrich their mind and spirit and aslo to develop essential moral attributes like truthfulness, courtesy, generosity, compassion, justice, love and trustworthiness in them. The students are taught to study in an atmosphere of love and unity where each students sees himself/herself as a member of one global family, free from the prejudices of ethnities, nationalities, class and religious dogmas.

“If a plant is carefully nutured by a gradener, it will become good and produce better fruit. Therefore, children must be given a good training from their earliest childhood this is why we at SIS are striving to do, our role is identical to that of a gradencer and we strive to perform this role to the best of our ability by nurturing these ‘seeds’at school so that they bear the best fruits in the years to come.

I am very greateful to each and every member of the SIS fraternity. Our staff who know very well how to synchronize and harmonise with our process of growth. Our students who constantly show by their performance and conduct that it makes a difference to be a student of SIS. And last but not the least our parents whose trust inspiore us to move ahead.


(Geeta Yadav)

Geeta Yadav




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